Slate Cheeseboard & Knife Set

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Serve all your favorite cheeses and hors d'oeuvres on this vintage slate cheese board sourced from historic quarries in Pennsylvania. The beautiful dark grey slate provides a contrasting background that will make your food stand out and is the ideal serving platter for parties and wine tastings.

Each board is accompanied by a stainless steel cheese knife that has a blade designed with holes in the form of die cut letters that spell "CHEESE" to prevent cheese from sticking to it. The end of the blade is forked to provide the ability to serve after slicing. The satin finish gives a clean, contemporary look that fits in perfectly with any charcuterie board or cheese platter.

Each set comes with a burlap wrap for storage and a piece of natural soapstone chalk that allows you to write on your cheese board. Soap stone is a non-toxic, food safe and dust free alternative to chalk and easily washes away.

Board measures 12X12
Knife measures 9 1/2

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Set Includes:
Slate Cheeseboard
Burlap wrap
Soapstone chalk
Cheese Knife

*Set of four 12X12 slate plates only includes the slate.